Tina sanat mobaddel,the suplier of kind of heat exchangers  especially vehicles radiator and category with

the aim of improve product quality in order to increase customer satisfaction to taken the approach of

continuouse improvement  and with special attention to social responsibility and inviromental

requirements apply to the establishment of a quality management  system that  has  standard

ISO/TS16949:2009 and to achieve it’s mission the following goals have been :


1-   Focus on supply needs, compliance requirements, and establish regular contact

with their clients to understand their expectations and satisfaction;

 2-  Developing a culture of quality and continuous improvement of business processes with the active

participation of all employees;

3- Planning and regulatory measures to enhance efficiency through conservation and efficient use of


4-  Improve the quality of products with the aim of achieving zero waste in the context of national and

international standards;

5-  Laboratory equipment to improve the inspection and test status;

6- Human resource development through the promotion of knowledge, skills and creativity of individual

employees with continuous training and effective approach;

7- Employers to increase vitality by creating suitable working environment, increased morale, teamwork,

motivational systems, and also to encourage the active participation of staff on matters of safety, health

and environmental professionals;

8- In an effort to improve the quality of the company's suppliers as part of the family;

9- Compliance with all legal requirements, regulations, standards and other requirements, the organization

shall provide preventative safety and environmental;


Company’s management believes all standard requirements, effective implementation of quality

management system expects all colleagues involved with empathy and commitment in order to achieve

the objectives duties within the framework  of  his  utmost  underwent bring;



                                              Jalal  Manuchehrian